Dom Phillips: Wife says ‘we can say goodbye with love’ after journalist’s body found in Amazon | UK News

The wife of a British journalist killed in the Amazon has said his family can “say goodbye with love” after his body was found.

The remains of Dom Phillips and his companion, indigenous expert Bruno Pereira, were found near where the pair disappeared on 5 June, the Brazilian justice minister Anderson Torres said.

A suspect led investigators to the location of the bodies after confessing to the fatal shooting.

In a statement, Mr Phillips’ wife Alessandra Sampaio said: “Although we are still awaiting definitive confirmations, this tragic outcome puts an end to the anguish of not knowing Dom and Bruno’s whereabouts.

“Now we can bring them home and say goodbye with love.

“Today, we also begin our quest for justice. I hope that the investigations exhaust all possibilities and bring definitive answers on all relevant details as soon as possible.”

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